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Bilder, grafik och färger har sitt egna lilla språk men för texter så finns det ju flera. Eftersom engelskan är ett världsspråk och något som används väldigt frekvent har vi översatt alla våra texter och rubriker till engelska för att kunna få med känsla, tonalitet och tilltal även där. Så slipper vi också att översätta på varsitt håll.

Texts about Halmstad in english

Live large in Halmstad

You don’t have far to go for experiences in Halmstad. Career, innovation, nature, leisure and lifestyle. Halmstad offers opportunities that create quality of life, no matter who you are. Visitor, resident, student or entrepreneur.

Life here is characterised by a mix of the big and the small. Curiosity and creativity are given room to grow. A place to follow your heart and make your dreams come true. But we also value housing, family and security. It’s easy to enjoy life here, and to get more out of it. Together we create new opportunities to love Halmstad. Every day.

The innovation arena for all of Halland

To achieve progress and success, it’s crucial that there are places for people who dare to think outside the box. And in Halland there is HighFive – the collective innovation arena for the whole region.

HighFive supports entrepreneurship, business and people with ambitions. It’s where experience meets new ideas. Where innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable development are created. And where people get to think freely in new ways, be creative and develop through inspiring meetings, engaged teams and valuable networks. HighFive is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation – with the goal of making a difference for this generation and the next!

Halmstad. Halland. New horizons.

Halmstad is a place for meetings. People have always felt a sense of connection in Halmstad where the city has grown up on both sides of Nissan river. Halmstad has always been good at hosting big national and international events and congresses.

We are the regional hub of Halland County, home to the Halland Regiment, Halmstad University and the county hospital. A hub for an exciting region. And we’ve huge ambitions for the future. As we move towards 2050, the municipality is planning for 23,000 new homes as the number of residents grows. This growth will have sustainability at its core at all levels – environmentally, socially and economically.

If you look further afield, you’ll see that our location on the west coast, in one of Sweden’s most rapidly expanding regions, offers unique values. Business and tourism are evolving. Local people are happy, and their numbers are growing. As part of the Greater Copenhagen cooperation, we collaborate with Skåne and Denmark to create opportunities that extend beyond the horizon.

Halmstad is growing

Halmstad is Sweden’s 17th largest municipality, with over 105,000 inhabitants – 70,000 of whom live in the city of Halmstad itself. And that number is rising. A positive population forecast means that we are planning for 150,000 inhabitants by 2050. We are creating a sustainable society everywhere, from the heart of the city to localities in the wider region characterised by breathtaking natural beauty. A total of 23,000 new homes are being planned, together with schools, transport routes, green spaces and much more. After being named “Super Municipality of the Year” four years in a row, it’s easy to understand why so many people are choosing to live in Halmstad.

A city accessible to all

A Halmstad accessible to all, whatever the circumstances. It’s not just a vision. It’s already the reality. In recent years, Halmstad topped Humana’s accessibility barometer – an annual survey of Swedish municipalities’ accessibility work, covering everything from sports facilities to public transport.

Sustainable Halmstad

Halmstad Municipality pursues sustainability from a number of perspectives. The municipality-owned company Halmstad Energi och Miljö (HEM) is certified in accordance with the “Schysst elhandel” (Fair electricity market) scheme and only uses renewable energy sources.

Halmstad City Airport is continuously making new investments in its sustainability programme. In 2019, “The Perfect Flight” was achieved from Halmstad to Bromma, at that time the most climate-smart flight to date.

And in 2020 electricity production from solar panels on municipal properties exceeded one million kilowatt hours for the first time. In autumn and winter, 100% of the electricity we use is generated from solar energy using solar panels installed on our own properties. There are also several solar farms in the municipality.

The residential area of Ranagård was the site of Sweden’s first large-scale installation of fourth-generation district heating. This energy-smart, innovative solution was developed in collaboration between HEM and Halmstad University. Several large-scale offshore wind farms are also in the process of being established off the coast of Halland, as is Halland’s first LNG filling station.

Step-by-step we are creating the sustainable Halmstad of the future. And that’s thanks to a strong commitment from the municipality, business and residents.

The world begins in Halmstad

Air, roads, railways and water – they all make Halmstad a logistics hub. We are located midway between Malmö and Gothenburg, close to the entire Öresund region. A place of opportunity.

The port handles freight from all over the world, and Stena Line’s ferry connects Halmstad with Grenaa in Denmark, carrying both passenger and freight traffic. The E6, along with the railway, passes through the municipality, and by car you can reach Gothenburg, Malmö and Växjö in about 75 minutes. The airport is only a few kilometres from the central railway station and is an important resource for business, commuting and tourism. From Halmstad, Bromma is only an hour’s flight away. Halmstad’s logistics and infrastructure offer great potential, which we are constantly developing.

Would you rather stay in town? We understand. In that case, we have a well-developed public transport network that allows you to discover all that Halmstad has to offer.

New opportunities in Halmstad’s business community

Halmstad’s business community is largely characterised by small and medium-sized enterprises – with a breadth that delivers both growth for the future and security during economic uncertainty. There are 11,000 companies of various sizes, and people with the right skills are always in demand.

The people of Halmstad have demonstrated drive, initiative and a strong entrepreneurial spirit since time immemorial. We focus on knowledge through research, innovation, higher education and entrepreneurship. A great many new job opportunities are being created in IT, construction, logistics and business services.

And many logistics companies have recognised our unique location and moved their operations here. The service sector, trade, manufacturing and healthcare have also put Halmstad on the business map. And what would Halmstad be without its visitor industry? It’s one of our most important sectors, thanks in large part to a vast range of events, sports, nature-based activities and culinary experiences.

The largest employers in Halmstad operate in the public sector. Attendo is the largest employer in healthcare, Swedbank in finance, and Stena Recycling in waste management and recycling. Halmstad’s largest listed company is HMS Industrial Networks.

Knowledge that puts Halmstad on the map

Halmstad University is the region’s innovation powerhouse. But the knowledge that is born here has an impact on the wider world too. Every day, 12,000 students discover something new in their studies, on site or remotely. T

he university is a national sports university with elite-level pathways in table tennis, golf and weightlifting. The importance of e-sports has also become increasingly clear. Many highly skilled professionals launch their career in Halmstad, including development engineers, computer engineers and mechatronics engineers.

Halmstad University is at the forefront of several fields of knowledge, including health innovation, intelligent vehicles, AI and “Smart Cities and Communities”. The university has a well-developed cooperation and exchange programme with the business community and the Swedish Armed Forces Technical School (FMTS) in Halmstad, a centre of excellence for technical services within the armed forces.

A tourist city like no other

When you think of Halmstad, you can’t help but see beaches. And you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here in the summer to enjoy beach life. On a sunny summer’s day, our most famous beach, Tylösand, can attract around 40,000 visitors. It’s also home to Sweden’s only manned lifeguard station and the Nordic region’s only coastal lifeguard school.

And there’s much more to Halmstad than just beach life. Halmstad is also loved for its nature and the wide range of culture, restaurants and entertainment on offer. As well as its beautiful city centre that reflects our exciting Swedish-Danish history, with Halmstad Castle as the main landmark. Halmstad’s central location on the west coast makes us an attractive year-round destination. You can easily get here by road, rail and air. There is also a ferry service between Halmstad and Grenaa in Denmark.

For inspiration and tips for your visit, check out the official guide for tourists and residents at destinationhalmstad.se

Culture and entertainment. From fine arts to popular events.

For anyone seeking culture and knowledge, a visit to our city library – highly praised for its unique architecture is a must, and one of the reasons why we were named Cultural Municipality of the Year in 2023. Many popular Swedish artists started their career in Halmstad: Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider, Linnea Henriksson, Basshunter and Mariette, to name but a few. Halmstad Theater has been a venue for experiences and encounters since 1954, and at cultural centre Kulturhuset Najaden you can experience music, dance and culture in all its forms. The best way to discover Halmstad’s unique cultural life is simply to dive right in. Take a look at the events calendar and you’ll soon see just how much is on offer.

A place for art and inspiration

There is just something about Halmstad that awakens the imagination. It attracts both artists and art enthusiasts. Mjellby Art Museum is the spiritual home of the famous Halmstad Group. Their surreal art works can be found in the museum’s permanent exhibition, but also at Halmstad Theater. With its beautiful location next to the Nissan river, Halland Art Museum is home to a number of exciting exhibitions. Hotel Tylösand is home to Sweden’s only 24-hour art gallery, run by Tres Hombres. And at Slottsmöllan you’ll find the internationally recognised photo art gallery The PhotoGallery. Public art in Halmstad is in a class of its own. Take a walk through the city and discover Picasso, Reuterswärd, Carl Milles, Walter Bengtsson and Olle Baertling.

Sport gets the whole of Halmstad moving

Enjoy taking part in sport? Or prefer to just watch? In Halmstad there are fantastic opportunities to do both. Halmstad’s athletes make their mark in football, handball, tennis and table tennis, to name a few examples. Local stars include Fredrik Ljungberg, Janne Andersson, Sofia Arvidsson and Jörgen Persson.

Halmstad Arena is a multi-purpose arena and venue, with great opportunities and spaces for grassroots and elite sports, where, among other things, the World Team Table Tennis Championships were held in 2018.

If you’re a golf lover, you can spend a lifetime in Halmstad and still always find something new. We are one of Sweden’s premier golf localities with 153 golf holes spread across eight unique courses with over 10,000 members. It’s no surprise that Halmstad has been named the golfing capital of Sweden.

New meetings in Halmstad

Halmstad is a city of experiences that purposefully works to create great meetings and events. We have hosted the Solheim Cup, the World Team Table Tennis Championships, Titanic – the Exhibition, the UEFA European Women’s Championship and Volvo Car Scandinavian Mixed, as well as many major conferences and congresses. We have the experience – and a collaborative culture in terms of meeting and event planning. The end result is efficient organisation, which is key regardless of the size of the event. Contact Halmstad Convention Bureau to find out more.

12 fun facts about Halmstad

Did you know that...

...we have a total of 45 kilometres of beaches in Halmstad. One of Sweden’s most famous beaches is Tylösand.

…Tylösand is home to Sweden’s only coastal lifeguard school. The unique lifeguard tower where the lifeguards at Tylösand are based is a distinctive landmark.

...we have 57 wonderful nature reserves, both on the coast and inland.

...the script writer for the Swedish tv series “The Restaurant” (Vår tid är nu) was inspired by the story of “the aunt in the attic” at Hotell Rådmannen, now known as Hotell Mårtenson.

...the band Gyllene Tider drank coffee at Börjes Konditori in Harplinge as youngsters.

…you can enjoy coffee and cake with one of the stars of the Swedish baking world My Feldt at Feldts Bröd & Konfekt.

...the old mill in Särdal is one of the largest in the Nordic region!

...there are 8 unique scenic golf courses, offering a total of 153 holes. It’s no coincidence that Halmstad is the golf capital of Sweden.

...of the previous hosts, Halmstad is the smallest city to have hosted the World Team Table Tennis Championships. 2018 was the year we made a name for ourselves in the world of table tennis.

...there is a ferry service between Halmstad and Grenaa in Denmark.

...Halmstad is a great place for music. Artists from here offer everything from ballads and opera to pop and rock. You may have heard of Linnea Henriksson, Per Gessle, Alf Hambe, Harpo, Gyllene Tider, Mariette, Seinabo Sey and Richard Söderberg?

…we have “only” been Swedes since 1658. Prior to that, Halmstad was part of Denmark. So don’t be surprised if you experience that characteristic Danish “hygge” when you visit.

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Follow your heart. To a place where more is possible.

365 days of summer.

Think Halmstad is too small? Great. Then help us grow.

Raise your sights. A larger life awaits on the horizon.

With the wind at your back. And the sun on your face. Welcome to Halmstad.

Dreams for others. Everyday life in Halmstad.

Boundless ambitions? Explore them in Halmstad.

Feel life. And feel you’re back home.

Dream of the coast? Who doesn’t? We live it.

The place for growth.

Lifestyle and career? Halmstad is waiting for you.

Your dreams. In Halmstad, the future feels closer.